During Crimson Flower she tries to learn more about the church from Manuela but does not plan on ever becoming a devout follower by any means. During Chapter 11, if the player decides to side with Edelgard, she will remain a playable unit as normal. Edelgard reunites with Byleth after their five year absence. voiced by Tara Platt and 1 other. For Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can we appreciate Edelgard's Japanese voice actress? Edelgard prefers to be left away from her allies to make usage of this effect and her other base kit skills compliment this. Her only below-average growth rate is Luck, which isn't too problematic. Shocked by her betrayal in the Holy Tomb, Edelgard's former classmates (apart from Hubert) decide to side with the Church. A beautiful wood carving of the goddess. As a result, she bore a second Crest, the Crest of Flames, at the cost of her hair turning white and her lifespan being drastically shortened. Aliases (JP) She is one of five units who learns Dark magic, and is unique for learning a mix of Dark and Black magic. Affiliations Edelgard was part of the group who went to abyss alongside Byleth, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda. Fódlan Birthday As long as she is not adjacent to an ally at the start of her turn, she gains 1 additional movement. Tara Platt played her in the final game. List of characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, List of classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For Three Houses' reveal trailer at E3 2018, Cristina Vee voiced Edelgard. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now on Nintendo Switch, and it boasts one of the largest rosters of any Fire Emblem game, complete with full voice acting to boot.As such, Nintendo has cast a … In the Officers Academy, she is the leader of the Black Eagles. Although Edelgard uses deception and is secretly behind much of the events leading to the war, she does become a rallying figure for those who are legitimately discontent with the Church of Seiros and the current state of society, especially in her homeland of the Adrestian Empire. After the palace is successfully captured, she accepts her defeat by Byleth's hands and asks them to grant her an honorable death. Fire Emblem: Three HousesFire Emblem Heroes Should Byleth accept, the Emperor will accuse them of lying. The two depart, but acknowledge the next time they would meet would be in battle as enemies. She also has several fleeting moments of peace and happiness as an ally during Crimson Flower, such as when she takes to drawing portraits of Byleth, which she is self conscious about. Edelgard succeeds her father as Emperor of Adrestia. Pasta with a blend of fresh vegetables from various regions of Fódlan. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. A crispy-brown pie packed with tomatoes, cheese, and tender chunks of meat. While generally a private person, she does recognize the importance of her duties and expresses confidence and faith in the abilities of her allies. A dish of dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and other vegetables, stir-fried with eggs. Edelgard shares her English voice actress, Tara Platt, with Awakening's Miriel and Flavia. However, this endeavor failed due to Byleth's and Jeralt's intervention. Sword units in general also prove problematic as she loses some of her damage to the color disadvantage against them while red mages can poke her out from a distance and, unless running Distant Counter, prevents her from hurting them as the can easily be pulled away by their allies with positioning skills. He befriended Edelgard during her exile and she taught him how to dance. Appreciated by those who like flowers. Part 2 Earlier this week, voice actor Joe Zieja issued an apology tweet over remarks made regarding a major character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is due to both Attack Defense Solo and Rouse Attack Defense. Within the school year, she asks the students of the Officers Academy to hold a reunion five years later on the eve of the monastery's millennium festival. She may have claustrophobia, and expresses a need to see the sky after one of her nightmares. Occupation(s) Garreg Mach MonasteryEnbarrFhirdiad (Formerly) She definitely does not like to give away blatantly-telegraphed plot twists or dress up in extravagant robes and have her manservant Hubert run around asking everyone where Edelgard is in order to not seem conspicuous. Finally Dull Close removes enemy visible buffs, forcing them to face her already high Def head on without their stat assistance. Tara Platt is a voice actress known for voicing Mitsuru Kirijo, Temari, and Edelgard von Hresvelg. Biological Information Upon returning to the Empire, Edelgard immediately declares war on the Church, organizing her forces to launch an attack on Garreg Mach, knowing that she would have the advantage if she could capture Rhea. If Byleth sided with her, the first assault is successful, though Rhea is able to escape, much to Edelgard's disappointment. Attack Resistance Solo boosts her Atk/Res by 6 when she is not adjacent to an ally during combat, further boosting her Atk to 67 and her Res to 42 to tank some mage hits or duel dragons. Edelgard is first playable in the Prologue and will stay with Byleth if they choose to teach the Black Eagles house in the next chapter. The two spent much time together, with Edelgard teaching him how to dance. The siege is a success, with Arianrhod captured and Cornelia killed. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Additionally, according to unused data, child Edelgard stands at 141cm (or about 4’8”), Edelgard has placed high in several character polls done in magazines for. However, news of an Almyran army at Fódlan's Throat forces Edelgard to take her strike force there and defend the fortress as no other units can be spared. The traumatic imprisonment of her siblings and herself due to the experiments of Those Who Slither in the Dark created her hatred of Crests. By the end of it all, only Edelgard was able to survive and retain her sanity, leaving her as the only successful subject (which was possible because of the previous experiments conducted on Lysithea). Edelgard and Byleth had the decision to spare or execute Claude. She is also the house leader of the Black Eagles. Her first battle involves her forces attacking Garreg Mach Monastery. Joe Zieja, if you didn't know, is the voice of Claude who is one of the three major protagonists in the game. In the Azure Moon route she states she went to war after weighing all options and determined that it would be much faster with far fewer casualties than to continue on in the continent's current state. Upon her return to the Empire, she soon found that her father had been reduced to nothing more than a political puppet. She assembles the Black Eagle Strike Force and tells them not to die so they could all see the future she plans to bring at war's end. The meat is magically aged for a full flavor. Ignis deals 80% of her Def as extra damage to her opponent, giving her a surprisingly high 30 additional damage. Driven by a desire to change society, she is willing to sacrifice anything, as she believes that the only means of achieving her goals is through war and sometimes underhanded tactics. Finally, staff users can also easily annihilate her so long as they carry Wrathful Staff somewhere in their kit. Full Name (JP) Overall, Edelgard lives up to her Lord status as a powerhouse that can smash through just about anything thrown at her and come out intact. In 1180, she arrived at Garreg Mach Monastery to complete her education and resolved to reclaim what her father had lost. A fun activity in which players compete using stones on a board. Edelgard When Byleth refuses, the Emperor had expected the reaction but warns about their decisions in the future. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo for the Nintendo Switch and published worldwide by Nintendo on July 26, 2019. They are able to overwhelm the Church's forces, but in the aftermath of the battle, Rhea transforms into the Immaculate One and Byleth is trapped by rubble in the chaos, sending them into a coma. She has a personal nickname, El, of whom she only allows very close individuals, namely family, to call her. Garreg Mach falls into ruin, but Edelgard and the rest of the Imperial Army soon rehabilitate the former monastery and put it back into a running state, using it as their base of operations. エーデルガルト If her variations as the Flame Emperor and Hedgemon Edelgard are counted, Edelgard would have the highest amount of critical lines of any unit in the series with a total of 24 lines, 4 in the academy phase, 4 when facing a named enemy in the acadmey phase, 4 as the Flame Emperor, 4 in the war phase, 4 when facing an named enemy in the war phase, and 4 as Hedgemon Edelgard. Edelgard kinda sounded like either Carrie Keranen or Tara Platt in the February direct trailer. Byleth (Male) voiced by Zach Aguilar and 2 others. However, Byleth's heart starts beating again by itself, much to Edelgard's delight. The easy condition to activate the Axe's effect makes her incredibly tricky to deal with as she can become deceptively bulky and stronger than she seems in terms of raw stats. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Edelgard von Hresvelg is a fictional character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, part of the Fire Emblem series of turn-based tactical RPGs. When Ferdinand remarks that Metodey must be working with the Flame Emperor, Linhardt immediately deduces that the Empire must be linked to it, prompting Bernadetta to ask Edelgard if she had any knowledge of the event. If Legendary Edelgard is not adjacent to an ally during combat, she immediately inflicts a -6 Atk/Def debuff onto her opponent and also prevents them from performing a follow-up attack. If the Golden Deer's path is chosen, she is defeated by the combined forces of the Knights of Seiros, the Alliance and Almyra military. June 22 Unbeknownst to Volkhard or Edelgard, her mother had also escaped to Faerghus under the alias Patricia and married King Lambert. Edelgard stands at 158cm (or about 5’2”). These events would forever color her view of Crests, the Church of Seiros, and the caste system of Fódlan. If Byleth taught the Blue Lions or Golden Deer however, she appears with Metodey in her Flame Emperor persona, and her true identity is revealed following the battle. First Fought Nationality The other two lords of Three Houses are Dimitri and Edelgard. Finally, under the same health threshold, at the start of combat, she inflicts Atk/Def -6 on her foe during combat, increasing her damage output and overall bulk. If going for a magical build, mastering Mage is essential for Fiendish Blow. Others like Tobin, Selena, and Hana can work similarly well, but without the raw stats of the former two, they can deal with her, if only inconsistently. This page was last edited on 22 June 2019, at 05:01. The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Edelgard English Voice Actress - Tara Platt. Rhea then orders Byleth to kill Edelgard, seeing her as a threat to Fódlan. This is a ratings and ranking page for the hero Edelgard - The Future in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the most popular games of summer 2019 and a legitimate contender for one of the best games released all year, successfully blending the social sim elements that have … As with most standard armored units, her Spd is lacking, but makes up for this with astounding physical bulk score of 87 and an impressive 40 neutral Atk. Her personal nickname El is the name of the head of the old Canaanite pantheon of gods named El where was the father of the gods and creator in Canaanite mythology. She is suspicious of them withholding knowledge about the past, as well as disapproving of the sacred role crests play in church teachings. If Byleth sided against her, the first assault fails, but a second assault results in Rhea's capture. Like any other female magic user, Gremory is an exceptional class for her, but requires extensive treatment of her Faith weakness.