Browse open Physician Assistant Jobs. ; You can also receive a full Compensation Analysis. My physician contract review letter will include suggestions for additional payments when the call coverage exceeds benchmarks – to avoid “death by 24/7”, Analysis of the malpractice insurance provisions – the wrong language can cost you as much as four months’ pay if you leave, If you are joining a private practice, I analyze the time until ownership, the buy-in calculation methodology, and assurances about your rights as an owner – and suggest changes where appropriate to protect you, Discussion of other issues, including patient contact hour requirements, and concerns about starting work when scheduled, so you don’t end up moving to town and not being allowed to work. However, it’s the part that many physicians are the least comfortable with. | Physicians … Physician Contract Lawyers [Read Before You Hire!] Contract Diagnostics unique consultative approach takes care of the compensation and benefit portions of the deals. Drafting and Review of Leases Business Relationship Contracts Agreements Business Negotiations Joining … Send an email or pick up the phone and call our offices to be put in touch with one of our Pennsylvania physician consultants. As an independent healthcare attorney, one of Nicastro's recent projects was to work on the 2012 update of the Massachusetts Medical Society's Model Physician Employment Contract. Physician Contract Reviews. We will show you how to negotiate a Pennsylvania physician contract and you will have no doubt as to the strength of your package and how it stacks up to your colleagues in similar practices in the same geography. Our licensed attorney will review the physician employment contract you are considering and give you our expert line-by-line analysis and guidance. On behalf of Pennsylvania physicians, Our systems and processes are unique – you won’t find a doctor contract lawyer doing Pennsylvania physician contract reviews like we do. After purchasing the physician contract review, you will receive an email asking you to transmit the agreement and any concerns you have to Dennis. These terms range from overtime pay to insurance benefits; but no matter what the terms are, negotiation is a must to … Physicians should have a contract examined with a view to protecting their interests for both the short and long term. Call Logan & Logan at 412-765-0983. Our Pittsburgh physician employment contract attorneys review and negotiate contracts. Only you can make that determination if becoming a PA is a good decision. Contract Disputes. Pennsylvania Physician Contract Reviews | Physician Contract … The contract will usually say who pays for the annual premiums but be sure that you know who will pay for a tail insurance policy if you leave the practice. It’s only natural to be confused by the legalese in your employment agreement, but a thorough legal review will assure that you get a fair contract that appropriately rewards you for all those years of training. At Contract Diagnostics we believe in results based, efficient, and comprehensive Pennsylvania physician contract reviews. A website for the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Physician Assistant Board W ith The Physician Prosperity Program®, the premier physician contract review service, you can a void the traps that the employer’s attorneys have worked so hard to create. As a business owner, you face an ever-changing legal landscape. If you are about to negotiate your physician contract you need to call Mr. Dennis Hursh. Dennis protects physicians in all 50 states. Backed by Modern Technology. Protecting What Matters Most! Full Legal and Financial Review. After you receive our physician contract review letter, you will have the opportunity to discuss it with Dennis, to make sure all of your concerns were met, and to correct any factual inaccuracies, or to point out things that were verbally promised but didn’t make it into the physician employment agreement. Employment contracts are prepared by employers to promote their goals and protect their interests. When partnering with Contract Diagnostics for your Pennsylvania physician contract review, you’ll sign your employment agreement with complete confidence. Nurse Practitioner: Approved Protocol Texts (Please note: Electronic or other published editions of these written protocols that reflect current medical and nursing practice are acceptable. PA app11 Revised 1/2021 GENERAL INFORMATION FOR SUPERVISION AGREEMENTS In order to practice as a Physician Assistant (PA) in Montana the PA must have on file with Board in accordance to MCA: 37-20-301, a supervision agreement. Should I Use a Physician Employment Contract Lawyer Near Me? Pa.C.S., §§ 9101-9106) (“CHRIA”) to consider an applicant’s criminal convictions in making licensure decisions, 13 … Legal Review: Attorneys review and comment on the language and terms of your contract, including grounds for termination, non-compete clause, on-call requirements, and benefits. The Physician Prosperity Program®, the premier physician contract review service, you can a. void the traps that the employer’s attorneys have worked so hard to create. He is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. These discussions, and revisions of the letter following these discussions, are included in the initial fixed fee. It’s simple to engage us in your Pennsylvania medical contract review. Highly recommend. With over 14 years of legal experience, we have represented a number of healthcare professionals throughout all stages of their career from residency and fellowship, to attending physician, and beyond. Learn how to: Find and land your perfect PA position; Negotiate a contract that empowers you; Prepare for practice with licensing, certification and insurance We’ll complete your initial review within 24-48 hours of receiving your Pennsylvania physician contract review. Learn More. Physician employment and independent contractor agreements. Career Central has everything you need to personalize your career path, including job placement services and free tools, like the AAPA Salary Report. I am very thankful I found him. It’s only natural to be confused by the legalese in your employment agreement, but a thorough legal review will assure that you get a fair contract that appropriately rewards you for all those years of training. Learn More. Please browse our website for more details on how we can help you, and contact us when you’re ready. We’re not a law firm but a consulting company that specializes in Pennsylvania physician employment contract reviews. But you don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a good attorney. Florida Business and Contract Attorney representing Businesses and health care providers professionals physicians doctors and entities, Business Transactions Physician Drafting Review of Documents Contracts review physician contracts (Employment, Independent Contractor, Etc.) Resolve is the #1 rated provider of physician contract review and negotiation. He is also competitively priced and prompt. By direction of Governor Tom Wolf . Oregon-licensed physician assistants practicing solely at a federal facility are not required to be supervised by an Oregon Board-approved physician. All our reviews have come directly from physicians who have used Resolve's contract review service. At its best, a PA employment contract offers not only important protections, acting as a kind of preventive professional medicine, but also includes career-boosting elements that … Employment Contract Review. Learn about physician contract review and why you should choose Resolve for your contract review and negotiation needs. 2 American College of Physicians –Physician Employment Contract Guide Introduction Numerous publications, websites, recruiters, and other resources are available to help physicians find employment opportunities. Finding attorneys that specialize in physician employment contracts isn't difficult. This guide discusses the selection and employment contracting process that Physician contracts often present specific problems requiring specialized solutions. Have you received a physician employment agreement and want to get the best deal possible, without antagonizing your future colleagues? You will be glad you did. A PA provides many of the duties below: One of the most important parts of any physician job search comes right at the end — when it’s time to negotiate the physician contract. Dennis will help you understand the pitfalls in common compensation models, and will also warn you about aspects of physician employment agreements that can devastate the unwary. Search unique job opportunities for physicians and medical professionals, including nonclinical, remote, consulting, part-time, and leadership roles. ; Our prices are below many lawyers' fees. Personable, Professional, High Integrity Contract Review Services. As a BizCounsel client, your contract review is free. Once I’ve provided my physician contract review service to you, you can sign your employment contract and start your new career as a physician with peace of mind. I am often asked to review contracts for new graduates, and I also frequently lecture on contract negotiation. When it’s time for contract reviews, you want a professional team that works for you, not your future employer. The Physician Prosperity Program® includes a complete, fixed fee, physician contract  review and compensation analysis personally performed by attorney Dennis Hursh, author of The Final Hurdle – a Physician’s Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement. Contacts and Contracts is designed to help both new and experienced PAs develop a fulfilling PA career path. The following outlines general This career must justify the time or work that is required to achieve it. Dennis Hursh, a physicians’ contract attorney since 1992, pulls back the curtain and tells physicians what they need to know before they sign a physician employment agreement. By Matt Dickstein. Review of State Professional and Occupational Licensure Board Requirements and Processes . How healthy and career-enhancing is your employment contract? The Final Hurdle – a Physician’s Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement, Analysis of the contract language in each provision, with detailed recommended replacement language to protect you against hidden pitfalls in language designed by the employer’s attorney, Comparison of the compensation provisions with, Discussion of the benefits offered, including what benefits other physicians have received that are not contained in the offer, Analysis of the restrictive covenant to make sure you can still practice medicine in this location if you leave this position, Review of the call coverage requirements. South Carolina Physician Contract Reviews. Experienced Attorneys. Physician Contract Review and Negotiation Assistance. Reviewed my contract within days and brought to my attention things I didn't even recognize as important! The New York State Board for Nursing categorized the protocols based on practice areas or population groups to make relevant protocols easier to locate. Many physicians do this by email, but Dennis will be available by phone, too. It’s only natural to be confused by the legalese in your employment agreement, but a thorough legal review will assure that you get a fair contract that appropriately rewards you for all those years of training. With The Physician Prosperity Program®, the premier physician contract review service, you can avoid the traps that the employer’s attorneys have worked so hard to create. They’ll walk you through the process and help select the best package for your needs. The goal of the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Legal Resource Center is to provide quality, timely legal advocacy and resources for member physicians who practice in the Commonwealth. Let us tactfully negotiate for you to get the best contract terms possible. A hospital or clinic will use an entire team of attorneys to draw up the physician employment contract for you to sign. 4.7 Stars on Google Reviews. Mr. Dennis Hursh is extremely knowledgeable and astute in healthcare law along with reasonable fee structure. You’ll be well taken care of! PAMED's Legal Resource Center. Click Here for Physician Assistant Contract Review PA Work Duties. The PA is authorized by the physician whose name and signature appear below to perform all the tasks set forth in subsections (a), (d), (e), (f), and (g) of Section 1399.541 of the Physician Assistant Regulations, when acting under the supervision of the herein named physician. Why Hire a Medical Contract Review Lawyer. With all of a physician assistant's responsibilities, it is expected for physician assistants to negotiate certain terms in their employment contracts. In one week from the time you purchase the Physician Prosperity Program® and transmit the draft physician employment agreement along with any concerns you have about the agreement, you will receive a detailed physician contract review letter from Dennis. Click on a heading for more articles ⇒ In this article, I look at the essential terms of a physician employment contract and a physician independent contractor agreement. 2018 EXECUTIVE ORDER 2017-03 . Very informative. Once you are completely comfortable with the physician contract review letter, you transmit the letter to your potential employer. Once you receive an attractive offer, you may be tempted to just accept it, sign a contract, and get to work. Negotiating that first PA contract must address some of these issues as work/life balance is incredibly important to job satisfaction and retention. Contacting the state medical association in the state where you will be working is one of the best ways to find lawyers who are qualified to review and negotiate your physician employment contract. Again, we’re glad you’re here…. Physician contracting: Restrictive covenants, termination clauses | … Thursday Night “Contract” Webinar Series! Physician assistants do many of the same duties as traditional physicians. The cost of the tail can vary depending on the cost of the regular premium, the physician’s specialty, and how long the physician … How Can You Tell If A Physician Contract Is A Good Deal, in Financial terms? An invaluable experience. I recommend Mr. Dennis Hursh to everyone as he negotiated my contracts 4 years ago 5 of my friends and now my son is also extremely happy with Mr. Hursh's services, he already referring Mr. Hursh to several of his doctor friends. Contract Diagnostics has years of experience to serve the needs of its clients.