I start taking reservations in February and March. The impression may be biased, but it comes from the heart. Many small-scale farmers such as the Lindemulders, struggling to survive from generation to generation, have turned to the niche market of grass-fed beef. Visit her blog at www.heraldnet.com/ecogeek. Local Beef Directory There are so many choices of beef and we want to help you find the best option for you and connect you with local purveyors. After selling the milk cows in December 2000, we decided to get a few beef cattle. Beef is just a byproduct.”. Oberg Brothers Ground Beef is dry Cook low and slow: Tough grass-fed beef is usually the result of overcooking. We are a birth to butcher farm. Marinate: Lean cuts of grass-fed beef, such as New York strip and sirloin, will benefit from marinating. (360)489-6081 Only the Best Red and Black Angus Cattle On The Lamb Farm of Arlington www.onthelambfarm.com; 360-435-9078 They sell individual cuts of grass-fed beef off the farm by appointment. Andrew's Hay is a grower and supplier of premium feed for horses, cattle, and other livestock, operating in the Stillaguamish valley, Snohomish County, Washington. It’s possible to buy individual cuts of grass-fed beef raised in Snohomish County, but it is most commonly sold directly from farmers to consumers by the quarter, half or whole animal, typically processed by a local butcher. More research looks at certain components in food that may be helpful to our thinking as we age. Grass-fed cows produce leaner beef with high omega 3 fatty acids and increased vitamins and minerals. Stanwood local grown beef serving the greater Seattle area grain finished cattle are humanly raised no added hormones or antibiotics. You’ll learn how to There is a catch with this miracle meat, of course. $20 per bag/share You'll get soup bones with a regular beef order, but many people either run out or need extra. Sear for succulent meat: When grilling, sear the meat quickly over a high heat on each side to seal in its natural juices and then reduce the heat to a medium or low to finish cooking. Today, though they are only selling quarter, half and whole beef directly to consumers, they can’t meet demand. Wholesome Food Farm is a small farm owned by the Moseley Family, a 2nd generation farming family, organically raising grass fed beef and pastured chicken, located in Berks County, just outside of the Lehigh Valley. Because grass-fed cattle indulge in the bovine equivalent of salad instead of high-carb grain, their meat is naturally leaner. Return meat to pan. West Valley Beef of Duvall, for example, sells a quarter side of beef for $2.50 a pound by hanging weight, usually about 150 pounds per quarter. The beef are 100% grass fed and finished, unmedicated, and hormone free. We are a family farm west of Port Angeles offering CJ’s Grassfed Beef of Silvana cam_allen@msn.com 360-652-5925, Forest Cattle Company of Snohomish forestcattle@hotmail.com 425-359-0594, Beld Family Farm of Stanwood rodneybeldl@msn.com 360-939-2625, Cascade Range Beef Co. of Monroe 206-355-2468 cascaderangebeef@gmail.com. Most farmers take orders in early spring with pick-up in summer or fall, though some producers have grass-fed beef available year-round. Use the tool below to find independent farmers, ranchers and butcher shops that sell beef directly to the public in your county. Grass-fed beef is cheaper if you buy in bulk instead of by the cut. Always pre-heat your oven, pan or grill before cooking and never use a microwave to thaw grass-fed beef. With the advent of mass-produced corn and concentrated livestock operations, grain-fed beef and dairy cattle became the norm for quickly and economically producing meat and milk in large quantities, said Linda Neunzig, who raises grass-fed beef on her farm in Arlington. Nationally recognized Skagit River Ranch is located in the verdant Skagit Valley, north of Seattle, Washington. Add garlic and cook 1 minute. The Lindemulders’ cattle spend the last 45 days of their life eating alfalfa, a common finishing crop for grass-fed beef. Chinook Farms is a 132 acre Community Supported Farm located on Elliott Road south of Snohomish, about 1.5 miles east of Highway 9, in the Cathcart area.