The best travian speed server 1000x and 2000x T4.4 Travian, Online, Strategy. vvv . Leave a comment Posted in dNzZz dacul salbatic. Travian, Online, Strategy. Posted by tx3fp1 on October 31, 2014. The formula for speed server is: cool-down time = cool-down time on 1x speed server / ( RoundDown (speed / 3) +1 ) Example: The cool-down time on a 1x speed server for a small celebration on a level 1 Town Hall is 24 hours. 1,065 Votes: 5 Crusader Travian MultiServer T3.8 / T4.5 . It only affects troops which were trained in the village where the tournament square was built. © 2004 - 2021 Travian Games GmbH. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. Enjoy the completely bug free game and advanced features. 0. travian. Mar20. Explore the new TRAVIAN 4! Popular; Comments; Archive; Popular posts. Travian Server 3X; Travian Server 8X; Travian Server 10X; Travian Tournament Server 2013; Travian Qualification Round ; Travian Tools; Travian Guide; Table of Content; About Me. Posted by tx3fp1 on October 31, 2014. Author Archives: tx3fp1 duster. Each level of this building adds 20% of bonus to speed. Üdvözlünk Travian HU x3 világban! 26 Jan 2021: Add an account to scan this server (8/5) 2: ts3. 3.Enter the amount of resources,gold and silver that you want to add. 41. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Faster troop training. You have to follow these steps: 1.Enter your username. Equites Imperatoris. CITVIAN CITVIAN is one of the best private travian speed server with no bugs. Fair-play. No lag, 247 , vote system for gold, silver system. Travian Speed3x is a type of server in Travian, in which many events happen 3 times faster. travian. Learn more # Server Start date Crop pers Ele phants; 1: tx3. Less hungry troops. Aici vor fi expuse principalele atacuri pe membrii echipei FP-1, precum si principale atacuri din confederatia FP. This is the newest Travian Hack(more exactly v.1.6) With this you can add Resources(Lumber,Clay,Iron,Crop),Gold and Silver . Version for player: with low bandwidth (internet connection speed) (Note: this version of the map doesn't have all the options enabled) T3.6 Travian, Online, Strategy. RSS. Travian Private Server - No Gold Travian private server x1 - No Gold ! Troops impriso… Présentation des Peuples, des Bâtiments, des Armées, ... Vous trouverez aussi une présentation des meilleurs outils de simulations pour préparer au mieux vos opérations offensives et défensives. ×2 the most efficient order of resource buildings development factories: fields Cropland. Are you ready to play on IL 3x? You will need … TTwars brings travian Speed private servers with fully working version. Verzija za igralca: nizki bandwidth (internet connection speed) (Opomba: ta verzija mape ne omogoča vseh nastavitev) Tag Archives: travian speed 3x Travian Hack v.1.6. Yes Neutral No Tommy il Tilt; 1 Ekm 2020; Kapalı After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis. Posted by tx3fp1 on October 31, 2014. Prerequisites: Rally Point Level 1, for Gauls only The trapper protects your village with well hidden traps. Travian speed private server Travian super speed Travian with high speed ; Learn more TRAVIAN! Song: Lily Allen - Not Fair (HBz Bounce Remix)Like and comment :)New video every week. The cool-down time on a 3x speed server is 12 hours therefore: 0. Unknown View my complete profile. Bejelentkezés. The higher its level, the more resources can be transported… Enemies can be imprisoned and won't be able to harm your village any more. Travian 3.0-3.6 (3x speed) Travian 3 & T4 (1x speed) Travian 4 (3x speed) Travian 4 (8x speed) 1 0 0 0 0 2 500 2000 500 200 3 2600 8000 2600 1000 4 6700 20000 6700 2500 5 12900 39000 12900 4900 6 21600 65000 21600 8100 7 32900 99000 32900 12300 8 46900 141000 46900 17600 9 63700 191000 63700 23900 10 83500 251000 83500 31300 11 106400 319000 106400 39900 12 132500 397000 … Alianţa -FP- 1. 4.0 1 review: 0: 2: 31491: Jul 9, 2012 1 point Travian Map Analyser (SQL-Mod) == Dont install, mods were adapted into the main version of this script. Because a 3x speed server is running 3 times as fast, you would receive the adventures 3x faster than on a 1x speed server, as follows: day 0: 9 adventures / day; day 1 - 5.33: 6 adventures / day; day 5.33 - 21: 4.5 adventures / day; day 21 - server end: 3 adventures / day; Item tier … Travian Speed 3x FP 1 Team. Leave a comment Posted in duster dNzZz. vvv . Travian Speed 3x FP 1 Team. or input speed manually: server T5 T5 3x T5 5x T4 T4 3x T4 5x T4 10x T4 (pre-2019) T4 (pre-2019) 3x Tournament New Year Special Annual Special Annual Special 2x T3.6 T3.6 3x T2.5 Equites Imperatoris. comx.The first English-language speed server was introduced in November 2006, when it replaced com3 for a short while (it used com3's URLs).. Hi. 2.Enter your server (ex: , 42. Online since 2008. Trebuie să îl activezi în setările navigatorului Web pentru a te putea juca Travian. Unknown View my complete profile. successfully used Travian Bot. Prerequisites: Main Building Level 3, Warehouse Level 1, Granary Level 1 At the marketplace you can trade resources with other players. Travian3 Beyond - ML&CN (multilanguage & center numbers)modified for the 3x-speed Just corrects that this org-server is 3x speed. Register on new server With new hero system New graphics And new map. Покушајте да поседујете сваки јединствени артефакт или да најбрже у историји изградите светско чудо. Fair Play and no cheater ! Thread statistics; PUB dello Speed 3x Invernale 2020. travian. This effect takes place after a distance of 20 squares. The speed server is opening NOW! com: 26 Jan 2021: Add an account to scan this server (3/5) 3: ts5.arabics. Travian Server 3X; Travian Server 8X; Travian Server 10X; Travian Tournament Server 2013; Travian Qualification Round ; Travian Tools; Travian Guide; Table of Content; About Me. We have for the moment 8 servers 3 T4.4 servers 25x, 100x, 10000x and 5 T3.6 servers 25x, 100x, 500x, 10000x, 1000000x. Note that on servers started in 2018, except Path to Pandora, the bonus is 10% per level. Posted by tx3fp1 on October 31, 2014. This version is outdated == Térkép elemző és sokbúzás völgy kereső. Play travian speed Register on the newest game server And enjoy the world games. У Travian: Legends можете бити било ко. They are commonly referred to as 3x servers, speed servers or by the domain name extension followed by x; e.g. Has your question been answered to your satisfaction? Bine ai venit în serverul Travian RO x3! 0. Speed x3. Upgrade your fields and mines to increase your resource production. I`ve been playing travian for like 5-7 years but i took a break and i missed the game so i created acc one week after the start in the balkans 3x so i`m looking for help from expeienced players i know the basics and the more intermediate tacticts and … FŐOLDAL; BEJELENTKEZÉS; REGISZTRÁCIÓ ; FÓRUM; ÜGYFÉLSZOLGÁLAT . pl: 1 days ago: 15: Add account (9/5) 5: ts1. Server time: 17:39:37 17:39:37 Legionnaire. 2004-2021 Travian Games GmbH. Faster troop training. Ram. 5,000x - 10,000x Win The Game And Got Prize . Sur Travian-Astuces sont regroupées tous les trucs et astuces qui vont vous permettre d'optimiser votre façon de jouer à Travian. Travian Servers Travian new Servers Travian Speed Server Status Please note that on a 2x / 3x speed server the resources production is 2x / 3x as high as on a 1x speed server. I play in the balkans 3x server. JavaScript-ul este dezactivat. Popular; Comments; Archive; Popular posts. Artefact of the fool. com: 25 Jan 2021: Add an account to scan this server (0/5) 4: tx3. Cropland. RSS. travian. Legionnaire. Artefact of the fool. Equites Caesaris. Become To our member now! Leave a comment Posted in dacul salbatic TheSpecialOne!! Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come! Equites Caesaris.

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