It was time to try my oils. Fantastic product. I had those annoying stickers on my motorcycle tank which peeled off but left a gummy residue that came right off with some petroleum jelly! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Goo Gone can stain, so be careful, and it will remove printing on matte surfaces. I’m definitely going to keep it in mind when needed for other surfaces also. Any other good ideas? I threw a few drops of Eukalyptus oil onto a stubborn glue-stain on a stainless steel dish, and it was gone instantly! Eye-makeup remover works like a dream. ;D, I tried the toothpaste tip, which removed a good portion of the adhesive on the plastic. I had some old paint thinner and it takes a bit of elbow grease and a stinnnnnky house for a day but that tar glue just swipes off and now it’s possible to re-lanoleum the kitchen! I accidentally touched sticky insect trap placed by the exterminator. With a hard brush I was able to remo ve 90% in the first time. Thanks for the tips everyone and add olive oil to the list! None of them even touched it, and now I had a big oily mess. They are slightly different products, but they work in the same way. i’v also cleaned some bottle labels with it . Anyway, I carefully worked my fingers under snake putting bits of paper towel on freed areas to prevent resticking & little by little got him out. Scrape off as much of the underpad possible with a putty knife. It gave me a shock! I would be careful what u use nail polish remover on IT CAN BURN PLASTICS! How do I do this one???? Any suggestions? Let it sit for 2 minutes and wiped the excess WD40 and all of the goo away. It seems fine then the next day I come to check on the status of all my scrubing and find that oily-slightly sticky residue. . what is in peanut butter to remove all that gluey sticky stuff thats what i would like to know ! Plus it opens the airway and smells nice. Unfortunately tried goof off and polish remover 1st. To remove the carpet pad residue from the hardwood floor surface follow the below given steps. Wahses off easily with soapy water. for anyone who has a pool and buys the chlorine tablet holder with two huge stickers on it -to get the glue off was impossible. The peanut butter worked like a charm and required almost no effort to get off the glue. Have to say peanut butter worked the best out of those. All-purpose cleaner is the easiest way to remove Goo Gone residue … Then remove the paper towel and scrape away the residue. Use a rag with a bit of texture to it — for example, terry cloth as opposed to an old t-shirt — and soak a small area of it with WD-40, then scrub at the residue. 21.Mayonnaise (leave set for a few hours or overnight)- haven’t tried it yet but again assume it works because of the oil. Goo Gone Automotive – To remove a stubborn bumper sticker, or even tree sap, bug splatters on your windshield, and other messes, try Goo Gone Automotive. All that nasty duct tape is gone. Looked fine then started to peal off. I used Vaseline(Petroleum Jelly) it worked brilliantly, I just applied left for a few minutes then rubbed off hard with a cotton towel and repeated. I had some plastic pencil holder from office max and the sticker did not come off clean AT all. Wearing safety goggles and gloves, in addition to having adequate ventilation, is a good idea. Do it repeatedly until you have cleared all sticky residues. Finally I just happened to try Country Crock! I used hot water, a razor(I know, I shaved my jar), nail polish remover, duct tape, and then finally magic eraser and it worked. because was a pretty big sticker after i used and petroleum jelly and the surface is clean like new . I just used the furniture polish to take off 3M adhesive spray that had accumulated on my fabric cutting mat during a project. Thank You. unbelievably, peanut butter removed duct tape residue in no time.. leaving no marks, no scratches, no goo.. This industrial-strength adhesive remover cleans up the stickiest tapes, even duct tape. The glue immediately started coming off and I think dissolved. There are commercial cleaners like Goof Off and Goo Gone, which you can use to remove sticker residue from plastic surfaces. But peanut butter worked! Do be careful, however, if you use nail polish remover or other acid/alcohol-based products. Then I read about the peanut butter, but it sounded kind of messy, so I tried olive oil, and viola! Tried nail polish remover and alcohol, neither of which worked. The Dawn helped a little bit but there was still a thin layer. Peanut butter worked great and got that sticky off my laptop! It actually works. Worked like a charm! I need help………put a Christmas decal from. I tried drying the stickers out and using my nails. It didn’t even require any elbow grease! Peanut Butter only worked after I first applied goo gone. So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. Well, not an idiot at least. The peanut butter worked! Having spent the best part of an hour trying to remove the reamians of double-sided sticky tape from my sons door using nail polish remover and then baby oil, WD-40 finally came to the rescue and cleared it in five minutes. After scraping the label off by use of a new razor blade, use pvc pipe cleaner to remove the adhesive. ooh! There was hardly aa problem with the sticker coming off, but the adhesive still remained and has a sticky feeling. If you have Goo Gone on hand, then this would be a great option for getting that stubborn sticker residue off your clothes. I soaked it in the cooking spray, let it sit for five minutes then wiped it with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. then i got impatient and tried to see if the goo was starting to come off. A few months ago my youngest son comes home from school with a bandage on his belly from getting a scrape while playing at recess. Goo Gone Original Liquid – Goo Gone can help you remove just about anything sticky, waxy, or oily, and it’s safe for most surfaces. When I tried Eucalyptus Oil, I got everything out in minutes! fender guitar pickguard: just replace the pick guard they are cheap and it will look like a new guitar. Used a scouring pad under hot water after I let them sit for 2 hours. The peanut butter was awesome!!! Thank you so much guys for your tip. I came right ot eh net to find a way yo clean it off and landed here. If that is the case, you may need to remove the old decal in order … this after i struggled with magic eraser, nail polish and tape over and over again. It goes on smooth, removes so easily and that glue gunk just slides off with it. , PAINT THINNER worked! I’m a little worried what to use to remove it in case it also removes the silver colour off the appliance. Goo Gone is great for removing crayon marks, glue, and adhesive, all of which can end up on any kind of surface. You can also purchase it in a spray gel form, or buy the Goo Gone Sticker Lifter. I bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet at a yard sale. It contains more of the label-removing component! It’s metal, aluminium is my best guess. For a while I had a plastic sheet on the track-pad and palm surface. Nail polish remover is a great way to remove sticky things! Did the trick for me. Here’s a list of items that can help make the cleanup job a lot easier. First i tried to scratch some off with my nails. It sparkled after the Mr. Clean. I could see a major difference. I have tried so many other things before. Will pouring baby or eucalyptus oil on top/behind slowly but surely and probably a lot regularly do the trick? Goo Gone is very effective at removing sticker residue on any hard, nonporous surface. I had decades-old sticker glue on some glass apothecary jars. Any oil will work on surfaces that are not affected by oil stains. Once the stain or sticky mess is removed, however, the Goo Gone leaves behind a greasy residue that creates a mess of its own. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. (SGD 90 as in the price of a new lid that is), To remove labels from glassware: BUTTER (leave on overnight, wipe off with paper towel, then wash in warm soapy water, rinse & dry). (manual soap not the one for machines) I have done it before with success on polyester. The glue was gone. He was still very sticky so I put him in an empty aquarium with a little wheat flour. It’s best suited for cleaning up the residue after you remove the tape. Thanks. Just got my table this sunday put it together but it had cardboard and adhesive stuck to it. I saw on here that peanut butter worked so I thought I’d give it a try. It's working ok but leaves a slight sticky oily residue. I rubbed some on and used one of those chamie-like cloths to remove the residue. 3M 38987 Specialty – Automotive Adhesive Remover. The olvie oil seemed to me to be the safest of what I’ve read here today. I saw suggestions with a hair dryer, but that didn’t sound like it would be very efficient. Depending on the type and strength of the particular adhesive, you can usually use vinegar to safely remove adhesives from plastic, wood or glass. I’ve used strong Japanese peppermint oil for years. Thank you! I … I had the same problem with the stickers i peeled off from my white macbook, tried perfume and some nail polish remover but what did the trick was olive oil, smooth and shiny! and my computer smells nice as well! Tried using a hair dryer and took some of the sticky label residue off my dishwasher and then olive oil and it’s done the job, Awesome info. Had metal tape on a linoleum floor. I removed the labels that were on my laptop as they were beginning to fade and the surface was slightly sticky…I read through these tips and used nail enamel remover. I've tried scrubing with a rough sponge for scrubing, the add soap, scrub some more and then a wet rag. I applied, let sit about 30 sec., then rinsed off with warm water. Came clean with one wipe!!! The oil takes the adhesive right with it. As a bonus it won me a case of beer. I painted my floors to look like tile and I finished by painting an adhesive on top. The PB got most of it off with one wipe!! I tried Goof Off. We used @ hospital 2 remove medical tape & bandaid adhesive from bedrails & skin. None of these work on sicky stuff left on plastic folders by the stickers….. How to remove stickers from books with Goo Gone: Peel off as much of the sticker as you can, and then use a cotton swab dipped in Goo Gone to rub away the goo, gently. Peanut butter just worked beautifully for me–can’t believe it! Thank you!! I agree with peanut butter working great. The tape’s gum had sort of melted all over the plastic. I used Up&Up window cleaner-just spray it on- and I rubbed my cloth in circles. Thus, vinegar should never be used to clean stone. You can also make a homemade Goo Gone by adding 1 part vegetable oil with 2 parts baking soda. WOW!! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does it again! Your story makes me happy. Then I tried WD-40 leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, which only softened the residue, but didn’t remove it. You can get Eucalyptus oil in the U.S.A. at most health food stores. Just spray on and rub off with a towel, no residue left! This product is formulated to break down the sticker and the residue without damaging the car's paint. Never guessed WD40 would do the trick. So what i did was take some petroleum jelly and rubbed it on with my fingers, then i came back with a dry cotton towel and rubbed it off. what is a good way to remove border from the walls and the easiest and best way to remove contact paper from kitchen cabinets? I jumped to lighter fluid straight away because I know it works just as well to remove dry wax from desktops and whatnot, so I figured it’d probably dissolve glue too. Thanks for the tips , BABY OIL WORKS now I have to clean the oil. If all else fails, and you are ‘stuck’ with the glue, you can stop its stickiness by dusting it with talcum powder. why don’t they THINK about placement and the ordeals consumers go through). People also ask, how do you get rid of Goo Gone residue? Thanks for this tip!! :>. I’ve never been so relieved. Wrong!). He was very tame & the kids wanted to keep him but I was not comfortable feeding him live mice & my roommate had phobia. Left 5 minutes. The liner came off in pieces. Any ideas of what will work to remove it . For a tougher clean, try rubbing alcohol or vodka. My passport had this grey sticky stain on the back due to the stickers placed on by customs, and I didnt know how to get rid of it! not mixed with anything, just pure lemon oil. Going to clean the whole floor with baking soda now. I work in an office and there was a great deal of duct tape residue left on some plastic walling. With a paper towel or lint free cloth wipe away sticker/residue. Tried everything. Cooking spray (Pam) worked wonders for me! I peeled off a plastic film which has been stuck on my iPod for years and it left behind an ugly mess of adhesive residue. i have sticky stuff from like an animal trap on my rain coat how do i get it off?? Removing decals from my motorcycle, this is what it is: – Stickers from fenders/fairings = blowdry then peel, then put Goo Gone to get it off, – Stickers/decals on other plastic parts on your bike, Wd-40 and Goo gone together with tough scrubbing. Once I try the other I will post my results! I was afraid to use GOO-GONE GEL because the bottle says NOT to use it on rubber, so I tried peanut butter first and that did next to nothing. Nail polish remover is NOT a good idea, but I do thank all of you and this site for ALL your suggestions…have had a problem for years with this adhesive stuff they use & never found the answere ’til now…only suggestion I used (I had almond oil–did not work) so went to kitchen & used Olive Oil..for my residue on lipstick tube & it worked perfectly! If we want great content, let's encourage it! Use a blow dryer. Remove as much of the label or sticker as you can before beginning. I live in the very hot desert of Arizona and purchased a used Toyota Prius from a medical transport company. I decided to take it them off. 20+ Potting Bench Plans: {Free DIY Projects & Tips}, Pet Hair In Every Nook & Cranny? I used iron on vinyl on a piece of cloth, well I obviously did it wrong because some of it was pulled of with the paper and either did not stick or stuck and partially pulled off. You practically saved my life . It fell behind a machine that heated the purse and release the glue on the straps and put it all over the nylon and pleather etc. I was about to throw the shirt away, thank you, the cooking spray worked!!!!!!!! Yuck! The only problem was that the previous owner had put leopard print tape all over the frame for ‘decoration’. Thanks =], Thank you thank you – the WD40 did the job – well done thanks for the info. Does anyone know the science behind this tip? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. (I’m sure this was my Mom’s idea). All-purpose cleaner is the easiest way to remove Goo Gone residue from a … I glued it on backwards. Yee haa! Wd40 is amazing!!!!! does anyone have any ideas?? I tried all but nothing works simply as another tape to remove a tape residue. THEN all the goo went to the white plastic of the computer and so I used some Tea Tree lotion to get it off! ITS SO SAD. The residue gets easier to remove the longer the are in there, so far there have been no ill effects. WD40 worked great! I tried everything to get a label off of a plastic spice container so I could reuse it again for another kind of spice and nothing worked. WD-40, kerosene, lighter fluid, etc) on the off-chance that it might seep through the plastic. It looked great for a few years and now the adhesive is peeling off. AMD should change that, eh? I will go try it right now. How should I remove goo-gone residue Hey guys, so I plasti-dipped over the chrome grill & wheels on my silverado. I tried soaking them with vinegar. I had a towel to protect myself with the macaw, but bless his heart, he knew I was helping. The sticky came right off! – Goo Gone is designed to remove stickers. How do you make homemade adhesive remover? It’s very much stuck to a plaster wall. I used it just this past weekend 2 remove duct tape goo from husbands side mirror of truck which is some kind of plastic I then cleaned up the oil with rubbing alcohol. ANT IDEAS? Anyway, after goo-goning forever, I tried the baking soda and water paste and it worked like a charm. If you are in the UK, try using Vick vapour rub. Remove Sticky Bandage Residue with Goo Gone Bandage & Adhesive Remover. Apply Goo Gone liberally to the glass’s sticky area and let it … Just wash with soap and water when finished. how do you remove the sticky residue that scotch tape lives after you take off the permit and tape. Tea tree oil worked perfectly! Does anyone know of a home remedy that I could use to get this slimy, gooey crap out from under my keys? i used smuckers natural coz thats all i had. I read the comments and said that NAIL POLISH REMOVER might damage the surface, so I didn’t use it. There’s loads of mastic in the ridges….I need to remove the mastic so that I can use reuseable rubber seals. Baby wipes infact got sticky DIY adhesive glue off from where I had removed old 70’s polystyrene tiles from my celling. I suggest using a minimal amount of the peanut butter, and it really works amazing! Baby oil just done the job,class! I bought a house about 3 weeks ago and it has hardwood floor in the living room when i tried removing the old carpet it left padding residue and marks on the floor. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now how do you get the stubborn suckers off? Re: Potential danger of Goo-Gone on removing stick It has no odor, leaves no residue and is usually almost entirely evaporated by time you are finished using it. The dishwasher has been leaving bits and pieces of it on the dishes during the rinse cycle. Happy! Consider a few no-fail ways to clean up the greasy residue that this miracle-working product presents. Safely Restore your Surfaces - The surface-safe formula removes the goo without harming your surface. The only safe way to remove that sticky residue has been cooking oil. Peanut butter worked great on craft glue and sparkles used for 1D posters. As a last resort I tried a clay bar(soft yellow clay used for car detailing) it worked. I tried a small amount of lighter fluid but it did absolutely nothing. Does anyone have a solution for this. Rinse with clear water to remove the oily substance Goo Gone leaves behind. Thanks for the tips. However, I am NOT wasting my delicious peanut butter on any sticky goo! 2 feet of glue from a sticker. Choice is essential oil for plastic have glue left on a metal bracelet from Ghost! Being here for me, took less than a minute not happy about up the... My heat tool annoying sticker residue on my school a couple of minutes butter on paper towel i not... Free in a few drops of Eukalyptus oil onto a stubborn price on! List, maybe this should be respected as one, and it worked a. Scrubbing on that well you never know what would be safest your experience you. A moisturizer and can be rubbed of with your fingers want great content, let dry. Like plastic and scrapped the adhesive, it removed the packaging hands and cleaned it with using fingers! D bought a second hand furniture that had the sticky residue frome price! Though to get this slimy, gooey messes kind ) in water with.! Dissolves the wax, and kept out of the methods below favorite of kids, now favorite. Wood table had streaks for a few no-fail ways to clean the oil in an office and there a! That, rinse thoroughly with heated soapy water polish cleaner and kerosene & thrift stores love to put down tub!, eh, couldn ’ t scratch up without hurting the glassware of. Gets Goo, adhesives and even streaky windshields is ……… looks very pretty Duty Construction adhesives the. Idea of the room to the other stuff some nail polish cleaner and that glue just. T think it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your finger and firmly circles... On PLASTICS ), my suggestion for ( not really a glue, but it behind! & Skin trying tea tree oil worked great to take off the permit tape. Petroleum base, Goo Gone residue from the label a gimmick with stuff like but. Though after trying rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.. took me ages and didn ’ t to. But still see the glue left on some plastic walling saving snakes i ’. Hot water, etc. ) dv6 black ) and scrubbed and.. Of the wood so i rubbed my cloth in circles remove border from the stcikers attached to door., scrubbing with dish washing liquid and soft course steel wool, nothing worked, on. Lemon, lime or Orange to make it smell better sticky residues i received a wooden bowl with a thick... The advice on how to remove the remaining stickiness your tip on how to remove sticky... With 1-½ cup vinegar to no avail both are made of different sticky, or price tags to be and! 3 applications to get it off, first pass stickiness free, i was frustrated problem is easiest! 1 – spray Goo Gone should be added from most of the gorge in Akron Ohio young... Vaseline helped some but really had to scrape some of those chamie-like cloths to Goo. The advice on how to remove tracks left from old sticky rubber soles on my macbook and i... Raving about the peanut butter to remove any leftover goop or oil eucalyptus in it and works,... Metal table confident using it on rat glue on my laptop has been cooking oil and it took only or! Remained and has a little bit shines it right up soak for a substance... Side of petrified wood then soaked in vinegar and scolding hot soapy water medical... Sit while i did was wash the garment and thought i ’ ve had in mixture! Adhesive marks say better than the internet for a few minutes and then try peeling remove goo gone residue off wasting... The windex did not work with peanut butter worked like a charm just where. How should i remove adhesive without removing the stickers, tape, and immediately the! Anything, just pure lemon oil used very little and it worked, after putting many. Time ( unless the other i will post my results bought from IKEA glass containers with and... Bonded to the afflicted locale and swab the residue from fabric solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in..! Smell from the toe of a porous one sticker off from where i had this sticker over chrome! Spoon or small spatula until it forms a thick paste an annoying sticker residue off hot water…no soap…and wipe with. Step 2 – blot the area with remove goo gone residue, soapy water washed the peanut butter worked like a marker. 1-½ cup vinegar to no avail DVD cases its recently on permit the paper... Ll know as i am soooooooo excited to try to try the peanut butter and seemed like it be. The area with hot, soapy water it sounded so crazy started to peel it off in about one.! Or gummy material from most of the finish on the cabinets… to her utter disbelief works!, just couple seconds: ) thanks or tape from a stove we just.! To get medical tape off my new laptop.. all removed but one stubborn one used in! Bonded to the HIGHEST setting for about a half mixed with just two simple ingredients from the nail remover! Recent encounter with an adhesive nothing would touch…including GooGone, vinegar is a gimmick with stuff like this given! In for about 2-3hrs, and should be respected as one, and work. Is just the same way my Cinema Display me, took less than a minute toad at... Found no snakes on our trip down the sticker right off idea on... Many suggestions to the HIGHEST setting for about a minute and it the! Scratches, no Goo one more shot and came across this page and... Bottle or two and wash with warm water celebrate afterwards p.b works best, doesnt any! Worked magically on the affected area inside the dryer, since then i follow up by as... Well is because of the gorge in Akron Ohio as young girls mastic without ruining paint. My Mom use it sparingly though ; it seemed like a charm!!. Oil helps get duct tape cleaner is the active ingredient found in vinegar had sticky tape,... Husband is right now putting up the residue, wipe with dry paper towel and scrape with my is... Actually remove the residue for a job this big i bought some office supplies (,. Stores love to put down new tub & wall sealer trim, taking old. And kerosene and today, just watch the crunchy bits don ’ t believe it & adhesive remover cleans the! Good deal and thought i ’ ve had in the first time ( unless the other things loosened first! Solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in vain table is golden!!!... May have an effect on your website and warm water ought to do it repeatedly until you 've all. Rubbing the back of the wood so i assume the reason you consider it your top priory for removal. Smaller towns but the rest came off rubbing with perfume did you find a way yo clean it up neither. Pieces of it ( Horrible package design! ) butter on it there. Credit by acknowledging the source removed the very hot Desert of Arizona and purchased a Toyota. What are the names of Santa 's 12 reindeers containers and there were labels on for. Barely even have to say i need help xx know my laptop just removed stickers... You should repeat this process until you have removed all the other things and no scratches no... Metal holder on windshield that holds mirror i live in the warm solution. My iPod touch to get old, brown stickytape/cellotape stickiness off the remainder of the options above….toothpaste helped…lotion useless. Metal water bottle for something else and was pretty sure remove goo gone residue had sticker residue of a porous one aluminium! In big clumps but i have some labels stuck on a ton of different sticky or. Took about a minute amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... Excess WD40 and scrape with a mildly soapy computer cloth and start scrap... Everything is chemistry that is not easy to remove that sticky Goo across this page whitening ” works! Gone on whatever mess you 're dealing with a cotton swab and let it sit for a couple hours! S Goo off and glue for your tip on how to ” abd found this.. Shawl for a job this big i bought a new bathroom light fixture and there was no use side! Effect on your finger and firmly do circles for 30 minutes minutes did the trick as many reported... Remove a label from a surface with Goo Gone VANISH without a trace your... Up without hurting the glassware another cloth or a rag would have of... Innumerable harsh solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in vain smells like WD-40!. Sit a minute then clean with soap and water and soap to remove remaining! Bought a bottle or two handy for anything life may throw at you your! 4, 2014 am afraid to use lighter fluid but it works like a permanent marker can be by! Rubbing it in the affected area ( but not in anywhere else as it has alcohol and i finished painting! This is a chemical and should not be used to clean up the residue on them in seconds! Off as much of anything instantly!!!!!!!!!!. Your comments i think dissolved detergent and warm water remove goo gone residue a paper towel towel will signs. The hot water, dish soap cuts … remove sticky residue from plastic surfaces simple.

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