Hilarious slapstick! More than 5.000 films with a maximum running time of 30 minutes are submitted each year. The submission fee is not complicated: Simply register with Shortfilmdepot, invest in the success of the film and wait for our feedback. It should be clear that many smaller festivals are not in a position to pay such screening fees due to their financial situation and we hope that filmmakers will continue to submit films to festivals that are unable to provide such remuneration. This has enabled interfilm to forge ongoing links with several significant institutions and hold frequent, regular […] We eagerly await many more! 55 10405 Berlin +49 (0)30 - 25 29 13 20, Other websites and pages blog.interfilm.de www.shortsattack.com www.bewegliche-ziele.de​​​​​​​. 33rd International Short Film Festival Berlin 2017 – interfilm.de. 400 films from 64 countries in 60 programs in 8 locations: The 34th International Short Film Festival Berlin had 20,000 visitors and 700 accredited guests from all over the world. for older teens (and adults) aged 16+. mit der Türkei-Rolle. After the preview phase, the films need to be curated in programs. Audience record & good mood. We are looking forward to the 36th edition of the interfilm Festival from 10 to 15 November 2020! Furthermore, we also want to pay a screening fee of 50 euros per film for those that are not screened in competitions in which prizes can be won, but in special programs. The program! Dekoloniale x interfilm Short Film Walk ONLINE . interfilm Berlin organises the Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as interfilm Short Film Distribution. It is accomplished by competent teams of colleagues that use a database grading system. 77th International Film Festival Venice. Dez. Films from all over the world! Preisverleihung Fr., 4. Also: interfilm is an oscar-qualifying festival! We … Weiterlesen → Interfilm-Award Berlin 1971 Lyckliga Skitar by Vilgot Sjömann, Sweden 1970. Price of stamp ranges from €1.50 to €3.00 depending on purchase option (x1, x5, x20, x50) Create account: FESTIVALS: USE SHORTFILMDEPOT. The 60th International Film Festival for Children and Young People, which is regularly scheduled for the end of May, has been postponed to September and took place live. The program 2020 36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020 (10 - 15 November 2020) - Now 11 Nov - 13. In order to submit a film to the Berlinale you have to send the film and the completed film entry form to the festival before the given deadline. It takes place from the 11th to the 14th of August. Baustellen-Eindrücke hier . Interfilm - Short Film Festival Berlin 10 - 15 November 2020. For six days in autumn the International Short Film Festival Berlin attracts cinephiles from all over the world. Prizes worth 40.000 Euro ... these are the winners 2019. But we cannot and do not want to specify our criteria, because we are generally open to everything the short form has to offer. Environmental films! – Hier … Weiterlesen → Kategorien: All, Berlin, Festival 2013, Music | … The festival does not consider film entries for which the selections screeners have not been submitted within the deadline. Festival-Opening online! interfilm EJECT Impressions 2016. - 15. Each film will be screened by at least 2 people independently of one other in order to obtain different perspectives for each submission. What we and especially our audience get really excited about? In seinem wahren Leben ist er Musiker und sein nächster Auftritt in Berlin ist am 12. Walk through Berlin and its history Dekoloniale x interfilm Short Film Walk ONLINE . Since 2018 interfilm Berlin has been an Academy Qualifying® Festival. 2019: The Winners Are. Festival films online interfilm Festival Doku 2018 Umgezogen! 35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019 10 - 15 November 2019. Although interfilm always succeeds in putting together a great and rather epic festival (all over Berlin), despite all the jubilation, it is often not known that interfilm, with all due thanks to our sponsors Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Media Creative Europe, is not in the best of positions in terms of funding, especially in comparison to other major German and international (short) film festivals. International and national competitions, country-specific and thematic sections, special programs, panels, and workshops attract more than 20,000 visitors to the festival venues scattered throughout the city of Berlin. Enter your films into the festivals where submissions are open: Check-out the progress of your submissions (online entry, validation, selection) 1 stamp for each transfer of your video file to a festival via Shortfilmdepot. EYES WIDE OPEN Online Award. November 2020) - Jetzt 11. It goes without saying that this amount cannot by any means reflect the effort involved in making a film. Dezember 2020 um 18 Uhr online hier! Shorts for Social Justice & the Environment - Films about the world. Internship in the field of FILM SUBMISSIONS & SIGHTING from February / March 2021 (and in the following months) For the festivals in November 2021, we expect over 3000 film submissions from all over the world. Starting 10 November at 8 pm on our Website! We … Weiterlesen → Experiments! 34th International Short Film Festival. The films that have been positively evaluated by the viewing team will be watched again and considered for a relevant section. The processes between previewing and programming are different for each festival and become more complex every year. Kategorien: All, Berlin, Festivals, Programs | Schlagwörter: Queer | Permalink. Submit films from 18 January until 25 April 2021, We'd love you to take advantage of the elegant service provided by Shortfilmdepot Read the regulations (PDF), Questions? - Contact us via submissions@interfilm.de. If digital submission is impossible for you, drop up an email and we’ll work something out. Online program presented by SOONER. KUKI transformed classrooms into festival cinemas for around 5,000 children and teenagers in schools and daycare centers all over Berlin and Brandenburg. The situation is as precarious for festivals as it is for filmmakers and it is up to policymakers to address these problems. 500 Werke in thematischen Programmen zusammengefasst werden. Impressionen 2016. the administrative work for festivals has increased. Established in 1982, the festival has years of experience and a growing number of contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors. From 2020, all films will receive the same remuneration. We hope that this kind of partial financing through submission fees can be repealed in the near future. Submit films up to 20 minutes - all genres. Das Kurzfilm-Festival im Vorfeld zum CSD! November präsentierte interfilm täglich dem Publikum 550 Produktionen aus 55 Ländern in den 16 Wettbewerbsprogrammen und den 50 Spezialprogrammen auf 8 Leinwänden. Of course we cannot state with any certainty how many submissions we will receive in 2020, but we intend to divide the income from submission fees as follows: 1/3: Viewing One third of the income is to finance our team of viewers, who each have the task of evaluating between 500 to 1000 films in the pre-selection stage. - Contact us via submissions@interfilm.de. The festival presents about 500 films in various categories. Special programs include the Environmental Program for Children aged 8+, the Foreign Language programs for ages 14+ in English, Spanish and French as well as "Teenage Riot!" 02.09.2020 to 12.09.2020. We do our best in terms of service, programming, accommodation, etc., but this quality is also due in no small part to our staff, which we are hardly able to pay adequately. 2007 mit einer Rekord-Besucherzahl. interfilm Berlin Strassburger Str. The winners are The winners were announced at the award Ceremony at Roadrunner´s Club on Saturday evening, 24 November 17 prizes worth 35,000 euros were conferred. The interfilm Festival 2020 is taking place online: 32 festival programs can be viewed from November 11th to December 13th in German-speaking countries on SOONER. Since 2018, the winners of Best Live Action and Best Animation Award in the International Competition will be eligible for consideration in the Live Action Short Film and Animated Short category of the Academy Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. Films with animal protagonists! - Neue Adresse: interfilm Berlin Straßburger Str. At the moment they are paid on the basis of the legal minimum wage. Kategorien: All, Festival 2017 | Schlagwörter: Trailer | Permalink. "Watch the World": is a Documentary Competition (audience award) for children aged 10+. must also be financed and maintained. 11.11.2020 – 22.11.2020. Commenting on the films is a process that keeps us entertained throughout the summer, until the respective curators select the definitive favourites in the autumn. The complete Festival Program on Sooner From 11 November to 13 December for 7,95 EUR. 33rd International Short Film Festival Berlin 2017 – interfilm.de Thanks to: Director / Actor: Erik Schmitt – DOP / Actor: Johannes Louis – Editor / Post: Christopher Lenke – Musik: Schnorrres – Sounddesign: Paul Rischer . Award Ceremony Friday 4 December 2020 at 6 pm online here! KUKI's competition programs are divided into the following age groups for children: 4+, 6+, 8+ and 10+. Festival Impressions 2019. It is the second oldest German short film festival (after Oberhausen), and is recognised as the second most significant and oldest international film festival in Berlin after the Berlinale. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin Termin noch nicht bekannt. https://www.interfilm.de › en › service › submit-films-at-interfilm Thanks to: Director / Actor: Erik Schmitt – DOP / Actor: Johannes Louis – Editor / Post: Christopher Lenke – Musik: Schnorrres – … Documentaries! Viewing 6000 short films every year is an immense challenge. 400 Kurzfilme wählt das Team des Interfilm Kurzfilmfestival Berlin jedes Jahr aus 6000 Einreichungen aus über 120 Ländern aus. Not only do we love films produced to a high standard with an international flair for success, but also those that are courageous in style and content. interfilm geht online Das gesamte Festivalprogramm bei Sooner Und für 7,95 Euro den ganzen Sooner-Kosmos erleben. INTERNATIONALES KURZFILMFESTIVAL BERLIN 2007. Submitting filmmakers may want to consider whether their film fits the KUKI profile. Vom 6. bis zum 11. 25. Since becoming a qualifying festival in 2004, two of our Shorts Award winners have gone on to win: Wasp (2005) and Toyland (2009). International Competition Documentary Competition German Competition Green Film Competition eject_XXIII European Audience Award Eyes Wide Open Online Award Events Focus On Poland Focus On Postcolonialism Special Programs INTERFORUM Script Pitch International … Venice. Nevertheless, this regulation is intended to contribute towards creating fairness, because films represented by agencies or distributors already demand such fees. Please use our festival submission platform FilmFreeway. Das 1982 als Super-8-Filmfest in Berlin-Kreuzberg gegründete Internationale Kurzfilmfestival Berlin ist das drittälteste internationale Filmfestival in Berlin nach der Berlinale und den Eulenspiegeleien.. Jährlich werden über 7000 Filme bis 20 Minuten eingereicht, von denen ca.

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